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Sept 26-29, 2013, April Ross and Kerri Walsh Jennings win the 2013 AVP Santa Barbara Open Women's title.

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Summer Ross (left), Emily DaySarah DaySarah DaySarah DayKaitlin Sather NielsenSarah DayAngie AkersPriscilla LimaPriscilla LimaPriscilla LimaPriscilla Lima (left), Angie AkersSarah DaySarah DayKaitlin Sather NielsenKaitlin Sather NielsenKaitlin Sather Nielsen (left), Sarah DayPriscilla Lima (left), Angie AkersAngie Akers (green visor), Priscilla LimaAngie Akers (left), Priscilla LimaSarah Day, Kaitlin Sather Nielsen, Angie Akers (green visor)